This first section of the 'Analyse' section displays responses and the percent positive and percent negative.  The purpose of this section is to allow you to:

  • View responses and scores side by side at ward (where applicable), site, organisation, local area and national level in a tabular and graphical view
  • See the number and breakdown of responses at each level
  • Review combined proportion of positive and negative responses
  • Directly view your own proportion of positive and negative responses against national and regional values

You will be able to drill down to the lowest available level for each data collection (site, ward, category etc.) by using the drop down boxes at the top of the page.  The results are then shown in two parts; firstly a graphical visualisation of the positive/negative responses, followed by a tabular view of the responses at each level selected.

The tabular part can be toggled between the percentage values displayed on the chart, or can show the number of responses submitted; this is the data in it's most raw form.  The table will display data for each month of submission for the six options presented to patients when completing the NHS Friends and Family Test question ('Overall, how was your experience of our service?');

  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Neither Good nor Poor
  • Poor
  • Very Poor
  • Don't Know

If looking at percentage values the columns of the table are the various levels selected, from ward to national level. If you have selected one of the available 'Response Breakdown' options, the table will show the level you have selected i.e. if you have selected 'National' the table will display responses submitted at a national level. You can also use the 'Selection' option to display data for the lowest level you have selected in the drop downs.

The 'National' level reflects the total numbers submitted across the country for that particular collection. The 'region' level reflects the total numbers for all organisations coming under the auspices of the NHS England Local Area Team to which the chosen organisation belongs.  For example, if the chosen organisation was within the boundaries of the NHS England Midlands (West Midlands) region, the total responses for all organsiations within this region would be shown.