Method of Collection

The Method of Collection section of the 'Analyse' page gives you a breakdown of the methods in which organisations gather the NHS Friends and Family Test data.  This section allows you to:

  • View the varying types of response methods used at your own and different organisations across the country
  • Assess the changes in proportion of responses gathered using different response methods over time

As this data is only collected at an organisational level, there is no site or ward breakdown available.  You can select your chosen organisation from the drop down menu at the top of the screen. 

This section has a graphical and a tabular component.  The graphical component plots this information as a stacked bar chart, with month plotted on the horizontal axis and the proportion of responses on the vertical axis.  Each colour band in the stacked bar for each month indicates the proportion of responses that were made using the corresponding response method.

The tabular components has the month of data collection as the table rows, with the methods of response as columns. The proportion of responses received via each method is shown in the table. This data can also be toggled between percentage and numerical values.