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The NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT) is a feedback tool that anyone can use to give quick, anonymous feedback to providers of NHS services. It is based on a national standard fixed question: “Overall, how was your experience of our service?” – with a standard set of responses. This question must be followed by at least one free text question so people can give feedback in their own words.


The strength of the FFT lies in the rich source of insight that can be used locally to highlight and address concerns much faster than more traditional survey methods. Comments can be made available to front line staff rapidly, so practical action can be taken to address problems that concern patients, while positive comments are very important in maintaining the morale of hard-working staff.


From ward to board, staff and managers are able to look at the results of the FFT and take appropriate action. It acts as a catalyst for hospitals and Trusts to examine how their services are experienced by patients and how they can make improvements.


This site takes the data based on the responses to the initial question and the number of responses collected and presents it in a way that will support providers looking at their progress over time. A range of simple graphical and tabular presentations have been created to provide all users with the ability to:


  • Analyse their response data over time
  • Assess the popularity of various response methods
  • Review the distribution of response data at organisation and ward level across England
  • Revisit their own response data at organisational, site, and ward level


To access most of the site's features you do not need any log-in details, just click on the ‘Analyse’ tab above.  A ‘how-to’, explaining all the features of this site and what the analytics show can be found under the ‘Guidance’ tab.

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